SEARCH BY BILL NUMBER: The easiest way to find a bill is to know its number. The best results for a single bill number search are obtained by using the Basic Search Form (or … go to Bill Tracking and select “Basic Search Form” on the left). Fill in the Bill Number Search box (in this format: HB0000 or SB0000 – with no spaces) and you will be taken to a complete history of the bill, including amendments, summaries, versions, votes, etc.

SEARCH BY AUTHOR NAME OR COMMITTEE: The second easiest way to find a bill is to know the author name. For author or committee searches, click on Bill Tracking and choose “Author” or “Committee” from the list on the left of the page – and go from there.

QUICK TIPS: select “All Types” to improve your chances for success. Also, if you’re not sure of the “Author Role,” select them all by clicking on “Principal,” holding down the Shift key, and then clicking on “Co-Author.” Always select “Include All”, and “With Action On Any Day.”

EXACT PHRASE SEARCH: To find legislation, you have to know SOMETHING about the bill you’re looking up. You may have heard something on the news; in that case, you may wish to do an exact phrase search.

SEARCH BY SUBJECT: If you don’t know an exact phrase, you can try searching by “Subject” from the list on the left of the Bill Tracking page. This opens up a window where you can choose the subject where you think the bill might have been assigned. The way to increase your options is to click on “All Types” below “Measure Types.” If you know you’re looking for a Senate bill, then by all means, limit your search to that criteria. Choose “All Types” with “Action On Any Day.”

COMPREHENSIVE LEGISLATION LISTING: There is a way to get a comprehensive listing of all House and Senate bills that have been introduced in any given year. Click on Bill Tracking and select “Selected Step Reports” on the left of the page. Choose the “Introduced” step report, session year, measure type and House or Senate – and you will get a comprehensive list of bills that can be imported into Excel so the data can be sorted as you please.

COMPREHENSIVE LISTING OF BILLS BY AUTHOR: On the Bill Tracking page, click on “Author” from the list at the left, choose “Any Session” or the specific session, “All Measure Types,” House or Senate, the author name, and all “Author Role” types. You can find bills for one year – or you can get a comprehensive listing of all bills for all years.

COMPREHENSIVE COMMITTEE BILL LISTING: You may wish to see ALL the bills that any given committee will be considering this year. On the Bill Tracking page, click on “Committee” from the list at the left, choose “All Measure Types,” select the Committee you wish to research, the correct Chamber (House or Senate), with “Action On Any Day” – and then click “Retrieve.”

To research the status of all House and Senate bills, go to the Bill Tracking page, click on “Current Status” on the left, select a session year, choose from the “Measure Type” list (or select “any”) and click “Retrieve.” Open the Legend for Flags to reference the symbols.

House Committees and Members
Senate Committees and Members

Legend for Flags – will tell you what has happened to a bill: amended, carried over, dormant, etc.

   # Amended by the House
   @ Amended by the Senate
   x Stricken Title
   $ Appropriation Bill
   c Carryover Bill
   e Emergency Clause
   d Dormant
   s Committee Substitute
   / Stricken Enacting Clause
   a Constitutional Amendment



Introduced (int) – the original language of the bill, as filed by the Principal Author.
Proposed Subcommittee Amendment (subamd), Substitute (subpcs), Recommendation (subrec)
Proposed Committee Amendment (fullamd), Substitute (fullpcs)
Committee Substitute (cs)

HO– USE Floor Version (hflr), Floor Amendment (FA1), Floor Substitute (FA1), Floor Amendment to the Amendment (FA1-A1)

SENATE Floor Version (sflr), Floor Amendment, Floor Substitute, Floor Amendment to the Amendment

Engrossed (engr) – After the measure passes in one House, all amendments are incorporated into the engrossed bill which will be forwarded to the presiding officer for signature in open session. The bill then goes to the opposite House for consideration.

SENATE Amendments to HO– USE Bills (sahb), HO– USE Amendments to SENATE Bills (hasb)

Conference Committee Report (ccr), Substitute (ccs)

Enrolled (enr)This is the final version of the bill that is sent to the Governor for signature.