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2016 Bills Assigned to Committees

Note that the data in each document is sorted by Bill Number, Author, and Committee. See the tabs at the bottom. Each of the bill numbers is linked to its language and progress online (history, amendments, versions, votes, authors, etc.). Be sure to “Enable Editing” at the top to fit the data on one page.

Download 2016 House Bills assigned to Committee in Excel format.

Download 2016 Senate Bills assigned to Committee in Excel format.

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ODOT 8-year plan (FFY 2016 – 2023)

The Oklahoma Transportation Commission approved an 8-year construction work plan on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 that calls for spending almost $6.5 billion in state and federal funds on 1,812 projects.

The plan can be viewed on the ODOT website:


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Updating the Perfect Invitation … from my point of view

Did we mention that our offices receive thousands of invitations?

We file our invitations and appointments by date and time, not by event or contact person. If your event information has changed, please start the update by giving us the original date of the event, even if it’s the time or location you are changing.

Updated invitations or event change notifications should include the following:

  • The original date and time.
  • Tell us who you are (business name) and give us the name/purpose for your event.
  • Give us the UPDATED place, date and time – plus a contact person.
  • Inform us if you require an additional rsvp and give us a way to do that. Personally, we prefer to e-mail rsvp’s because that gives us a digitally searchable, written record of our communication to you. If you send an e-mail invitation, a simple reply to the e-mail sender is easiest for us.

Thank you so much for this consideration … you have just saved us hours of frustration!

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