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2016 Bills Assigned to Committees

Note that the data in each document is sorted by Bill Number, Author, and Committee. See the tabs at the bottom. Each of the bill numbers is linked to its language and progress online (history, amendments, versions, votes, authors, etc.). Be sure to “Enable Editing” at the top to fit the data on one page.

Download 2016 House Bills assigned to Committee in Excel format.

Download 2016 Senate Bills assigned to Committee in Excel format.

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Legislative Deadlines: 2015-2016

Friday, December 11, 2015 Deadline for Requesting Drafting of Bills and Joint Resolutions
Thursday, January 21, 2016 4:00 p.m. Deadline for Introduction of Bills and Joint Resolutions
Monday, February 01, 2016 Regular Session convenes at 12 noon
Thursday, March 10, 2016 Deadline for Third Reading of Bills and Joint Resolutions in Chamber of Origin
Thursday, April 21, 2016 Deadline for Third Reading of Bills and Joint Resolutions from Opposite Chamber
Friday, May 27, 2016 Sine Die Adjournment (no later than 5:00 p.m.)
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Ethics: 2015 and 2016 Contributions Table

From the Oklahoma Ethics Commission:

2015 & 2016 Contributions Table

(Effective April 10, 2015)

To Candidate Committee To Political Party To Limited PAC
may give
$2,700* prior to primary
$2,700 prior to runoff primary1
$2,700 prior to general election2
$2,700 after the general election
Possible maximum contribution: $8,100 or $2,7004
$10,000 per calendar year $5,000 per calendar year
Party Committee**
may give
$25,000 for statewide office (prior to general election)
$10,000 to other state elective office (prior to general election)
Transfers between Political Party Committees Nothing
Limited Committee
may give
$5,000 prior to primary
$5,000 prior to runoff primary1
$5,000 prior to general election2
$5,000 after the general election3
Possible maximum contribution: $15,000 or $5,0005
$10,000 per calendar year $5,000 per calendar year
Limited Committee(registered for less than a year prior to a primary OR has fewer than 25 contributors)
may give
$2,500 prior to primary
$2,500 prior to runoff primary1
$2,500 prior to general election2
$2,500 after the general election3
Possible maximum contribution: $7,500 or $2,5006
$5,000 per calendar year Nothing
Unlimited Committeemay give Nothing Nothing Nothing
Anonymous donor
may give
$50 $50 $50
Candidate Committee
may give
$2,700 to another candidate committee
(Candidate may give unlimited amounts to own candidate committee)


$25,0007 Nothing

* This figure may increase by July 1, 2017 and every two years thereafter by the percent difference of the price index for the previous 12 months.

** State, Congressional District, County and Precinct Committees and other official party entities are aggregated.

1 After primary election and before runoff primary election if candidate appears on the ballot at the runoff primary election

2 After primary or runoff primary at which nominee is selected and before general election if candidate appears on the ballot at the general election

3 If no other contributions have been made

4 $2,700 for a candidate who is unopposed or whose name appears on the ballot at only one election; $5,400 for a candidate whose name appears on the ballot at two elections or $8,100 for a candidate whose name appears on the ballot at all three elections

5 $5,000 for a candidate who is unopposed or whose name appears on the ballot at only one election; $10,000 for a candidate whose name appears on the ballot at two elections or $15,000 for a candidate whose name appears on the ballot at all three elections

6 $2,500 for a candidate who is unopposed or whose name appears on the ballot at only one election; $5,000 for a candidate whose name appears on the ballot at two elections or $7,500 for a candidate whose name appears on the ballot at all three elections

7 Surplus funds only

2015 & 2016 Contributions Table (Effective April 10, 2015) PRINT VERSION

2015 Contributions Table PRINT VERSION

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251 New Laws go into Effect November 1, 2015

Measure Short Title
HB1001 Labor; relating to the Employment Security Act of 1980; exemptions from coverage; taxation; unemployment benefit claims; effective date.
HB1003 Professions and occupations; plumbers; removing Committee from sunset law; adoption of rules and procedures for certain military training; effective date.
HB1006 Common carriers; adding certain offenses for which an order of interception may be obtained; effective date.
HB1007 Marriage; prohibiting requirement of religious official to solemnize a marriage that violates their conscience or religious beliefs; effective date.
HB1008 Cities and towns; increasing timing and number of notices prior to hearing on urban renewal plan; effective date.
HB1014 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Research, Marketing and Safety Commission; terminating on certain date; creating the Propane Education and Safety Council; effective date.
HB1032 Definitions and general provisions; permitting certain individual to participate in executive session to discuss real property; effective date.
HB1033 Bail bonds; requiring submission of audited financial statements in accordance with certain standards; deleting certain filing requirement and fees; effective date.
HB1034 Schools; authorizing sponsorship of charter schools by certain tribes on certain property; effective date.
HB1040 Purple Heart Day; changing Purple Heart Week to Purple Heart Day; effective date.
HB1042 Child support; prohibiting parents who participate in shared parenting time from paying increased child support amount; effective date.
HB1047 Crimes and punishments; adding certain offense; increasing penalty and fine; effective date.
HB1066 Children and juvenile code; providing for the inclusion of certain reports; effective date.
HB1067 Professions and occupations; Alarm and Locksmith Industry Act; modifying short title; modifying definition; effective date.
HB1072 Higher education; repealers; studies of higher education institution employee benefit programs and salary and other remunerative benefits for higher education institution faculty and staff; effective date.
HB1074 Public health and safety; creating the Right to Try Act; effective date.
HB1078 Children; modifying and updating sections in the Oklahoma Children’s Code; effective date.
HB1079 Children; allowing foster parent to submit report to court for review hearing; effective date.
HB1081 Professions and occupations; including certain duties of Executive Director of Oklahoma Board of Nursing; effective date.
HB1083 Technology; establishing the Criminal Justice Information Systems Center for Excellence; codification; effective date.
HB1085 Public health; public health advisory councils; creating the Home Care, Hospice and Palliative Care Advisory Council; effective date.
HB1103 Agriculture; providing limited exemption that certain reports be produced under the Open Records Act; effective date.
HB1113 Motor vehicles; relating to approaching emergency vehicles; requiring certain caution to be taken when approaching certain maintenance vehicles; effective date.
HB1120 Mortgages; authorizing title insurance company to recover certain penalty; effective date.
HB1122 Counties and county officers; records and deeds; clarifying acceptance and filing of certain documents by county clerks; effective date.
HB1123 Mortgages; decreasing time for filing release of mortgage after debt payment; effective date.
HB1154 Schools; providing certain exemption for law enforcement officers; effective date.
HB1263 Criminal record expungements; providing for the reimbursement of filing fees and costs under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB1266 Public health and safety; requiring State Board of Health to promulgate certain rule prohibiting facility staff from disclosing financial information of resident; effective date.
HB1269 Motor vehicles; specialty license plates; modifying; providing for issuance of certain license plates; effective date.
HB1273 Children and juvenile code; modifying scope of certain definition; effective date.
HB1274 Children; authorizing child care facility to release relevant information about potential employee; effective date.
HB1283 Weights and measures; Department of Labor; compressed natural gas; liquefied natural gas; effective date.
HB1294 Employment Security Administration Fund; appropriation; purpose; programs; requirements; effective date.
HB1318 Crimes and punishments; clarifying scope of prohibited act; effective date.
HB1320 Children; changing provision to age at time of placement instead of age at time of filing; effective date.
HB1322 Cities and towns; prohibiting municipalities from adopting certain ordinances; effective date.
HB1350 Stalking and victim protection orders; making certain acts unlawful; effective date.
HB1353 State government; creating the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Act; requiring preference be given to certain veterans; effective date.
HB1354 Roads and bridges; various memorial highway and bridge designations; effective date.
HB1375 Labor; repealing the Minimum Wage on Public Works; effective date.
HB1376 Public retirement systems; Public Employees Retirement System; modifying provisions; defined benefit; effective date.
HB1396 Crimes and punishments; directing applicants to complete and submit application online under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB1399 Fees; limiting filing fees for certain apostilles.
HB1400 Revenue and taxation; sales tax; limiting subjects; codification; effective date.
HB1406 State government; repealing statute relating to fire-resistant insulating materials; effective date.
HB1407 Revenue and taxation; ad valorem taxation; assessment percentages; notice; publications; meetings; effective date.
HB1408 Public health and safety; providing exceptions from food establishment license; effective date.
HB1409 Public health and safety; increasing time period of voluntary and informed consent prior to abortion; effective date.
HB1420 Waters and water rights; repealing the Oklahoma Weather Modification Act; effective date.
HB1421 Public finance; repealing the Self-Liquidating Facilities Revolving Loan Fund; effective date.
HB1435 Public health and safety; relating to certifying nurse aides; requiring updated information for registry; notices and orders; effective date.
HB1438 Hospice administrators; requiring administrators to complete continuing education courses; effective date.
HB1450 Environment and natural resources; adding person authorized to issue or deny certain permits under the Oklahoma Uniform Environmental Permitting Act; effective date.
HB1456 Cities and towns; modifying owner consent required for annexation under specified conditions; effective date.
HB1460 Crimes and punishments; authorizing public and private schools to establish policies regulating the possession of knives on school property; effective date.
HB1462 Burn bans; exempting agricultural producers from certain burning prohibitions under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB1463 Public health and safety; modifying and adding requirements for statewide system of care for stroke; effective date.
HB1494 Motor vehicles; re-creating the Board of Tests for Alcohol and Drug Influence; effective date; emergency.
HB1514 Agriculture; modifying certain hearing requirements; effective date.
HB1515 Insurance; prohibiting health benefit plan from holding certain therapy to a higher standard of clinical evidence for benefit coverage decisions than other therapies; effective date.
HB1518 Criminal procedure; creating the Justice Safety Valve Act; authorizing courts to depart from mandatory minimum sentencing requirements under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB1521 Schools; excluding certain incentive pay from definition of total compensation of teachers; effective date.
HB1548 Criminal procedure; judicial review; authorizing courts to review and modify sentences under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB1560 Public finance; State Government Asset Reduction and Cost Savings Program; information technology expenses; effective date.
HB1562 Mental health; expanding licensed health care providers who may determine if mechanical restraint is required by medical needs of consumer; effective date.
HB1566 Medicaid; directing Oklahoma Health Care Authority to initiate certain procedures for certain purposes; directing Authority to seek approval; effective date.
HB1567 State employee benefits; modifying the application of deductibles and copayment or coinsurance provisions to the Health Insurance Plan; effective date.
HB1568 Motor vehicles; video toll collection system; effective date.
HB1574 Public health and safety; relating to the Trafficking in Illegal Drugs Act; modifying certain penalty; effective date.
HB1577 Landlord and tenant; modifying time limit for landlord to return security deposit; effective date.
HB1584 Labor; Employment Security Act of 1980; providing penalty for failure to provide certain notice; effective date.
HB1612 State government; Interlocal Cooperation Act; modifying definition; effective date.
HB1630 Prisons and reformatories; transmission of certain notice; clarifying transfer procedures and responsibilities relating to housing costs; effective date.
HB1650 Game and fish; removing mesh size restrictions when harvesting aquatic turtles for commercial purposes; effective date.
HB1651 Game and fish; adding exotic wildlife to list of wildlife that may not be taken by certain means; effective date.
HB1684 Education; allowing schools to establish a sexual abuse prevention program; effective date.
HB1721 Public health and safety; creating the Oklahoma Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act; effective date.
HB1729 Public health and safety; creating Ashlen’s Law; effective date.
HB1734 Public finance; payments to government offices; effective date.
HB1743 Revenue and taxation; Ad Valorem Tax Code; clarifying proper parties on appeal; effective date.
HB1749 Payroll deductions; prohibiting certain payroll deductions; effective date.
HB1751 Oil and gas; Oklahoma Liquefied Petroleum Gas Regulation Act; deleting certain permit class; effective date.
HB1756 Oklahoma Peanut Commission; removing authority of the Commissioner of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry to replace the Oklahoma Peanut Commission if certain conditions are met; repealer; effective date.
HB1772 Probate procedure; permitting minor to contact bank if custodian fails to transfer property; effective date.
HB1773 Uniform Commercial Code; amending sections relating to secured transactions; effective date.
HB1774 Game and Fish; authorizing the Wildlife Conservation Commission to establish certain passports; effective date.
HB1806 Driving under the influence; authorizing search warrant requests under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB1807 Professions and occupations; Oklahoma Accountancy Act; modifying definitions; effective date.
HB1827 Professions and occupations; Funeral Services Licensing Act; modifying fees; effective date.
HB1834 Children and juvenile code; taking a child into custody; providing notification requirement under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB1847 Motor vehicles; modifying child passenger restraint system requirements; effective date.
HB1855 Criminal procedure; providing for continued supervision under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB1857 Game and fish; modifying certain notice and permission requirements for fur dealers and trappers; authorizing use of certain type of trap; modifying posting requirements; effective date.
HB1860 Motor vehicles; authorizing submission of notarized affidavit for certain purposes; effective date.
HB1879 Criminal procedure; providing alternative method for inflicting punishment of death; effective date.
HB1903 Labor; employment of children; providing exception; effective date.
HB1911 Crimes and punishments; deleting certain knives from list of prohibited weapons; effective date.
HB1918 Children; authorizing court to award presumed father custody if it’s in the best interests of the child; effective date.
HB1920 Civil procedure; requiring restatement of interrogatory when answering; authorizing appointment of discovery master; effective date.
HB1948 Public health and safety; requiring registrants or staff to access central repository prior to prescribing certain drugs; effective date.
HB1965 Motor vehicles; creating the Trooper Nicholas Dees and Trooper Keith Burch Act of 2015; relating to the unlawful use of cellular device while driving; modifying scope of certain prohibited act; clarifying language; effective date.
HB1969 Labor; creating the Oklahoma Employment First Act; effective date.
HB2005 Public retirement systems; Firefighters Pension and Retirement System; volunteers; eligibility; effective date.
HB2021 Insurance; authorizing the Insurance Commissioner to participate in a supervisory college; effective date.
HB2119 Public buildings and public works; bidding contracts; extend contract award period; effective date.
HB2130 Schools; repealer; calculation of instruction costs and total compensation to certified personnel for certain school year; effective date.
HB2131 Revenue and taxation; repealer; effective date.
HB2157 Children; enacting the Family Support Accountability Act; effective date.
HB2166 Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth; permitting Commission to maintain certain information as confidential; effective date.
HB2168 Professions and occupations; modifying various license and certificate qualifications; effective date.
HB2179 Motor vehicles; modifying certain provisional driver license requirements; effective date.
HB2181 Elections; modifying requirements for formation of a recognized political party; effective date.
HB2182 Public finance; Incentive Evaluation Act; Incentive Evaluation Commission; tax preferences; procedures; reports; effective date.
HB2185 Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund; requiring unsolicited proposals to be subject to certain acts; effective date.
HB2187 Corrections; electronic monitoring of inmates; authorizing Pardon and Parole Board to use for parolees; effective date.
HB2217 Insurance; requiring a health benefit plan to consider the provider in-network for purposes of reimbursement within certain time period; effective date.
HB2241 Revenue and taxation; aircraft excise tax; modifying distribution of revenue; effective date.
SB7 Social work; narrowing scope of certain exemption. Effective date.
SB11 OSBI; allowing appointment of affiliate task force agents. Effective date.
SB23 Open records; providing exception for business information kept by higher education institutions. Effective date.
SB34 Driver license; allowing online renewal for licenses and identification cards. Effective date.
SB38 Crime and punishment; modifying parole requirements for medical release from DOC. Effective date.
SB46 Hearing aids; requiring applicants for certain license to pay certain costs. Effective date.
SB47 Oklahoma Department of Public Safety; modifying positions and salary schedules; allowing certain promotions. Effective date.
SB54 State government; authorizing retired officers to retain items after retirement. Effective date.
SB55 Crime and punishment; aggravated assaults on law enforcement; broadening inclusions. Effective date
SB56 Firearms; deleting certain requirements from application. Effective date.
SB62 Laser pointers; prohibiting the pointing of laser pointers at aircraft; providing penalties and exceptions. Effective date.
SB64 Law enforcement training; CLEET; allowing record requests for certain reinstatements. Effective date.
SB70 Oklahoma Reward System; modifying conditions of possible awards. Effective date.
SB71 Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program Act; modifying definition. Effective date.
SB90 Criminal history records; allowing fees for national criminal background checks. Effective date.
SB92 Public finance; oversight of performance-based efficiency contracts. Effective date.
SB111 Municipal courts; increasing certain threshold for jury trial. Effective date.
SB115 Medical foster homes; requiring criminal background check for certain employees. Effective date.
SB126 Oklahoma Advance Directive Act; permitting State Department of Health to contract with private vendors for certain purposes. Effective date.
SB128 Medical records; requiring certain requests to be subject to certain fees. Effective date.
SB131 State Fire Marshal; authorizing Fire Marshall to serve as code and variance board for certain trades and industries. Effective date.
SB134 Oklahoma Highway Patrol; retention of property after retirement. Effective date.
SB135 CLEET; modifying background check requirements; modifying conditions; amending testing requirements. Effective date.
SB144 Special license plates; design for new official license plate; providing for special plates. Effective date.
SB150 Board of Medicolegal Investigations; prohibiting members from certain service; amending sections relating to the Chief Medical Examiner. Effective date.
SB152 Cities and towns; restricting location of commercial pet breeders. Effective date.
SB153 State Department of Rehabilitation Services; increasing number of unclassified employees in Disability Determination Division. Effective date.
SB164 Eligibility for handgun license; modifying preclusive period for certain convictions. Effective date.
SB165 Outdoor advertising; relating to definitions for signs; standards; modifying minimum distance between certain signs. Effective date.
SB167 Restrictions on convicted sex offenders; modifying zone of safety; modifying scope of residency restrictions. Effective date.
SB173 Notaries public; relating to absentee ballots and affidavits; providing an exemption to the limitation on certain acts. Effective date.
SB178 Intoxicating beverages; broadening inclusions. Effective date.
SB180 Guardians ad litem and court-appointment special advocates; clarifying guardian ad litem responsibility. Effective date.
SB183 Driving privileges; commercial motor vehicle operators; modifying restrictions, definitions, penalties. Effective date.
SB195 Labor; creating Voluntary Veterans’ Preference Employment Policy Act. Effective date.
SB206 Oklahoma National Guard Relief Program; modifying scope of program; clarifying function of review board. Effective date.
SB214 Tax administration; deleting certain provisions and qualifications related to Ad Valorem Division; conforming language. Effective date.
SB215 Notary public commissions; modifying certain application and bond requirements. Effective date.
SB219 Off-duty police officers; modifying certain requirements. Effective date.
SB223 Soldiers and sailors; authorizing expenditures by Adjutant General; defining terms. Effective date.
SB229 Agriculture; authorizing the Board to create a pollinator protection plan. Effective date.
SB234 Firearms for off-duty police officers; modifying certain conditions; modifying where people can carry. Effective date.
SB236 Health insurance navigators; requiring certain inspection; prohibiting certain information. Effective date.
SB246 Motor vehicle registration; modifying requirement and procedure related to security verification form. Effective date.
SB247 Income tax; deleting conflicting provision relating to tax credits. Effective date.
SB248 Cigarette stamp tax; modifying procedures related to exchange of certain stamps; deleting certain authority. Effective date.
SB249 Professional counseling; requiring Board of Behavioral Health licensure to adopt emergency rules for certain circumstances. Effective date.
SB250 Diabetes; requiring State Department of Health and Oklahoma Health Care Authority to submit certain report. Effective date.
SB255 Motor vehicles; creating definition of autocycle; stating registration and exception. Effective date.
SB256 Viticulture and enology; transferring revolving fund to the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. Effective date.
SB269 Office of Juvenile Affairs; permitting transfer of juveniles under certain circumstances. Effective date.
SB285 Schools; parent education program; changing duties and functions from the State Board of Education; directing alignment of early childhood education standards. Effective date.
SB292 Children; modifying definition of abuse; adding definition of failure to protect. Effective date.
SB293 Public assistance and benefits; providing for consideration of applications by military personnel. Effective date.
SB313 Elections; providing for electronic voter registration; providing procedures. Effective date.
SB326 Weights and measures; updating statutory language; re-codifying statutes; repealing outdated statutes. Effective date.
SB327 Cemeteries; disposition of dead bodies at certain state facilities; repealing outdated statutes. Effective date.
SB331 Oklahoma Vehicle License and Registration Act; modifying agency to which certain registration fees are paid. Effective date.
SB335 Ad valorem tax; requiring Oklahoma Tax Commission to provide county assessor certain schedule for specified purpose. Effective date.
SB336 Sales tax; providing exemption for certain nonprofit entities or organizations for certain purpose. Effective date.
SB338 Tax administration; authorizing release of certain confidential information for specified purpose to certain authority. Effective date.
SB339 Oklahoma Vehicle License and Registration Act; providing exception to certain requirement for notarization of title transfer. Effective date.
SB340 Insurance; modifying requirements relating to Interlocal Entities. Effective date.
SB342 Public finance; amending Local Development Act; modifying representation on certain committee and various procedures. Effective date.
SB358 Grand River Dam Authority; providing for certain biannual compensation study. Effective date.
SB362 Crime and punishment; relating to obstructing an officer; stating certain allowances. Effective date.
SB370 Accounting; providing exception for succession of business by sale or transfer; requiring certain notice. Effective date.
SB375 Department of Consumer Credit; licenses; credit service organization; pawnshop; license expiration. Effective date.
SB376 Consumer credit; authorizing municipalities and certain municipal public trusts to charge fees; permitting judicial review. Effective date.
SB377 Oklahoma Mortgage Secure and Fair Enforcement Licensing Act; loan servicing; loan originators. Effective date.
SB380 Alarm and Locksmith Industry Act; adding certain exemption; requiring background check; limiting access. Effective date.
SB382 Supervised lenders; loan finance charges; deleting maximum term of loan. Effective date.
SB390 Motor vehicles; modifying restrictions for graduate Class D licenses. Effective date.
SB394 Architects; powers of the Board; authorizing contracts for scholarship purposes. Effective date.
SB399 Elections; modifying requirements for filing for municipal office. Effective date.
SB405 Higher Education; contracts with retired employees; removing intent language; removing certain requirement for certain position. Effective date.
SB406 Officers; relating to bonds, law enforcement officers, and veterans; repealing outdated statutes. Effective date.
SB411 Commercial driver license; pilot program; curriculum of courses; certification renewal fees; background checks. Effective date.
SB412 Violent crime; modifying inclusions as violent crimes. Effective date.
SB417 Department of Agriculture; authorizing the department to take possession of abandoned and stolen property. Effective date.
SB420 Wineries; creating the small farm winery license; allowing small farm wineries to bottle and sale wines from other wineries. Effective date.
SB423 Contracts; repealing provisions for sale of second hand watches. Effective date.
SB425 Intoxicating liquors; modifying types of licenses; adding public cater endorsement; specifying fee. Effective date.
SB429 Oklahoma Real Estate Commission; modifying selection of appointees. Effective date.
SB430 Precious Metal and Gem Dealer Licensing Act; increasing hold period; procedure; law enforcement; penalty. Effective date.
SB434 Oklahoma Chiropractic Practice Act; modifying powers of the Board; complaints; confidential information. Effective date.
SB439 Insurance adjusters; modifying requirements for licensure, fees and emergency declaration by Commissioner. Effective date.
SB443 Title insurance; establishing procedures for certain affidavit. Effective date.
SB451 Used Motor Vehicles; modifying certain exception; adding certain dealer to requirement to provide certificate of title. Effective date.
SB455 Insurance; modifying various provisions relating to the Insurance Code; modifying duties of Insurance Commissioner. Effective date.
SB456 Courthouse security; authorizing addition of certain fee for specified purpose. Effective date.
SB459 Fees for civil cases; modifying certain assessments. Effective date.
SB460 Domestic violence; authorizing waivers under certain circumstances; requiring certain training. Effective date.
SB462 Retirement; OPERS; qualified domestic order; modifying certain payment requirements. Effective date.
SB463 Tax administration; requiring establishment of certain forms and procedures for specified in lieu of filings and remittances. Effective date.
SB465 Motor vehicle certificates of title; lien release; providing for a penalty. Effective date.
SB474 Income tax refunds; authorizing release of certain information; providing for donation to certain accounts. Effective date.
SB486 Marriage and family; relating to Uniform Interstate Family Support Act; modifying provisions. Effective date.
SB487 Insurance; Nonadmitted and Surplus Lines Insurance Act; modifying various provisions. Effective date.
SB494 Oklahoma Health Care Authority; requiring certain coordination; directing promulgation of rules. Effective date.
SB504 Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program; expanding eligibility to include certain nonprofit university. Effective date. Emergency.
SB516 Public health; providing termination date for certain trust. Effective date.
SB525 Firearms; making certain exceptions; providing certain employees to carry a firearm onto certain property. Effective date.
SB534 Child abuse; heirloom birth certificates; Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Team Account (CAMTA) Fund; Commission on Children and Youth. Effective date.
SB535 Department of Human Services; requiring tracking of certain information; extending certain requirement. Effective date.
SB541 Department of Human Services; modifying grounds for placement on certain registry. Effective date.
SB542 Epinephrine injections; permitting health care providers to provide certain injectors to certain entities. Effective date.
SB562 Grand River Dam Authority; providing exemptions from certain state statutes. Effective date.
SB574 Charity games tax; providing exemption for certain charitable healthcare organizations; exempting certain sales from taxation. Effective date.
SB575 Income tax refunds; reauthorizing income tax refund checkoff for certain program. Effective date.
SB578 Offenders; allowing Department of Corrections to initiate certain parole considerations; directing Department to provide list of eligible offenders. Effective date.
SB592 Used Motor Vehicle and parts Commission; license term; deleting BID cards; increasing fees. Effective date.
SB612 Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development; members; ex-officio members. Effective date.
SB637 Crime and punishment; expanding scope of rape, rape by instrumentation and sexual battery. Effective date.
SB638 Overweight truck limits; modifying formula for gross weight; authorizing special permits for certain loads. Effective date.
SB642 Abortion; requiring physicians to preserve fetal tissue in certain circumstances. Effective date.
SB701 Mental health; removing certain specialization criteria for certain persons. Effective date.
SB721 Trafficking in children; adding definition. Effective date.
SB725 Wills and succession; expanding offenses. Effective date.
SB726 Domestic violence; authorizing creation of certain pilot programs. Effective date.
SB751 Mental health; relating to transportation of persons for mental health services; providing certain construction. Effective date.
SB753 Physician Assistant Act; amending definitions; modifying composition of Physician Assistant Committee. Effective date.
SB762 Department of Human Services; providing certain limitation on issuance of credit reports. Effective date.
SB763 Independent Living Act; requiring Department of Human Services to provide certain information. Effective date.
SB764 Oklahoma Community Sentencing Act; authorizing certain employment and contracting. Effective date.
SB767 Administrative Workers’ Compensation Act; modifying provisions. Effective date.
SB774 Trust property; clarifying that certain power not suspended under certain circumstances. Effective date.
SB787 Oklahoma Pharmacy Act; modifying definitions; clarifying language. Effective date.
SB789 Civil procedure; admissibility of medical bills; clarifying admissibility of certain amounts. Effective date.
SB797 Grand River Dam Authority; authorizing the district to sell certain property. Effective date.
SB839 Public finance; creating Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture under Oklahoma Historical Society. Effective date.
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ODOT 8-year plan (FFY 2016 – 2023)

The Oklahoma Transportation Commission approved an 8-year construction work plan on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 that calls for spending almost $6.5 billion in state and federal funds on 1,812 projects.

The plan can be viewed on the ODOT website:


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