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Measure Short Title
HB1036 Public health and safety; requiring Emergency Medical Services to conduct certain reviews; effective date.
HB1697 Mental health; permitting court to order assisted outpatient treatment; effective date.
HB1711 State employee benefits; State Employees Benefits Act; authorizing the Employees Insurance and Benefits Board to offer alternative insurance plan to retirees; effective date.
HB1951 Public health and safety; Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act; statewide one-call notification center; effective date.
HB2042 Motor vehicles; relating to the Drug Court Act; providing time limitation for certain orders entered by the court; effective date.
HB2097 Insurance; contracts for health care services; authorizing a member to request a printed contract; effective date.
HB2248 Public finance; sales tax levy ballots; prohibiting certain interpretation; effective date.
HB2253 Labor; modifying various provisions of the Employment Security Act of 1980; effective date.
HB2258 State government; Oklahoma State Pension Commission; reports; effective date.
HB2263 Public retirement systems; Teachers’ Retirement System; administration; effective date.
HB2264 Retirement Freedom Act; employee contribution rate; effective date.
HB2267 Public health and safety; extending termination date of supplemental hospital offset payment program fee; effective date.
HB2268 Memorial highway designations; designating various memorial highways; effective date.
HB2271 Elections; creating the Military Privacy Protection Act; adding military to protected class status; effective date.
HB2275 DNA testing; requiring submission of DNA samples from persons arrested for felony crimes; effective date.
HB2280 Public health and safety; Continuum of Care and Assisted Living Act; requiring Department of Health to develop a classification system of violations; effective date.
HB2281 Open records; providing that public body which makes the requested records available on the Internet shall meet obligation of providing prompt, reasonable access to its records; effective date.
HB2282 Public health and safety; requiring State Board of Examiners for Long-Term Care Administrators to promulgate certain rules for examination; effective date.
HB2285 Poor persons; repealing act creating the Oklahoma Pharmacy Connection Council; effective date.
HB2286 Crimes and punishments; emergency telephone calls on party lines; repealers; effective date.
HB2288 State government; repealing sections relating to world trade development; effective date.
HB2298 Motor vehicles; creating the Safe Driving Act; requiring driver education courses to include certain education components; effective date.
HB2319 Crimes and punishments; clarifying jurisdictional boundaries for certain peace officers; effective date.
HB2320 Crimes and punishments; modifying definition of terrorism; effective date.
HB2338 Employment Security Administration Fund; making appropriation; specifying source; effective date.
HB2348 Military; modifying various sections; effective date.
HB2349 Revenue and taxation; additional homestead exemption; excluding veterans’ disability compensation payments from gross household income; effective date.
HB2351 Agriculture; requiring the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry to keep certain electronic mail addresses; effective date.
HB2352 Securities; modifying notice filing procedure to comply with federal law; adding notice filing; effective date.
HB2357 Storage tanks; deleting certain references and definition of hazardous substances; effective date.
HB2378 Park model recreational vehicles; Vehicle License and Registration Act definitions; effective date.
HB2397 Criminal procedure; adding and modifying expungement categories; providing effective date.
HB2399 Criminal procedure; providing jurisdictional requirement for emergency ex parte orders under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB2401 Crimes and punishments; modifying requirements for awarding compensation claims; effective date.
HB2403 Criminal procedure; eliminating county population requirement; effective date.
HB2404 Schools; free attendance at public schools for children of certain age; effective date.
HB2407 State government; Oklahoma State Recycling and Recycled Materials Procurement Act; removing requirement for Director of Central Services to coordinate certain information; effective date.
HB2423 Savings and loan associations; Oklahoma Savings and Loan Code; authorizing association to exercise powers and authorities as specified sections are amended; effective date.
HB2425 Sex crimes; increasing child prostitution age limitation; effective date.
HB2426 Visitation; grandparental visitation rights; deleting and updating statutory references; effective date.
HB2435 State government; State Travel Reimbursement Act; modifying limitations on reimbursement of claims and vouchers for travel; effective date.
HB2443 Criminal procedure; increasing time limitation for sentence modification; effective date.
HB2446 Waters and water rights; declaring the protection of the waters of the state to be a compelling state interest; effective date.
HB2448 Motor vehicles; texting while driving; definitions; effective date.
HB2449 Motor vehicles; required caution approaching certain vehicles; flashing lights on motor vehicles; codification; effective date.
HB2450 Soldiers and sailors; increasing fine; effective date.
HB2452 Sunset; re-creating the Oversight Committee for State Employee Charitable Contributions.
HB2471 State employees; State Employee Suggestion Program; modifying development of program; effective date.
HB2472 Criminal procedure; granting district attorneys discretion to file misdemeanor charges under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB2473 Compulsory liability insurance; providing that if an officer obtains certain online verification there shall be no violation of the Compulsory Insurance Law; effective date.
HB2474 Motor vehicles; provisional driver licenses; permitting certain order by the courts; effective date.
HB2479 Drugs; Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act; modifying penalties for certain prohibited acts; effective date.
HB2482 Professions and occupations; establishing Nurse Licensure Compact; effective date.
HB2483 Children; termination of parental rights; waiving right to jury trial if party fails to appear after notice and without good cause; effective date.
HB2484 Children; divesting Department of Human Services of custody and supervision when a permanent guardian is appointed; effective date.
HB2488 Soldiers and sailors; increasing extension of certain licenses during active duty; effective date.
HB2491 Children; directing Department of Human Services to notify military authorities of certain child abuse and neglect reports; effective date.
HB2492 Motor vehicles; specialty license plates; nonprofits; Civil Air Patrol; effective date.
HB2497 Capital and capitol building; naming the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs Building; effective date.
HB2503 Agriculture; removing reference to certain commission; repealer; effective date.
HB2504 Crimes and punishments; theft of domestic animals; punishment and charging requirement for certain thefts; effective date.
HB2510 Open records; permitting social security numbers in public records to be confidential and redacted or deleted prior to release of records; effective date.
HB2518 Definitions and general provisions; providing for exception of written consent for medical treatment of minors if emergency exists and surgery is necessary for treatment of illness; effective date.
HB2519 County roads; authorizing certain expenditures be used for the removal and disposal of storm debris and dead animal carcasses; effective date.
HB2526 Revenue and taxation; county boards of equalization; training; effective date.
HB2531 Revenue and taxation; creating the Retail Protection Act of 2016; sales tax; effective date.
HB2535 Schools; authorizing governing body of schools to enter into agreement to create apprenticeship, internship or mentorship program; effective date.
HB2536 Revenue and taxation; Small Business Administration Loan Guaranty program; tax credit; job creation or retention; effective date.
HB2546 Professions and occupations; modifying various provisions of the Oklahoma Appraisal Management Company Regulation Act; effective date.
HB2547 Repealer; telemedicine informed consent; effective date.
HB2553 Outdoor advertising; relocation permits; effective date.
HB2555 Motor vehicles; driving under the influence; multiple convictions; effective date.
HB2571 Motor Vehicles; modifying speed limits for school buses; effective date.
HB2586 Public health and safety; requiring physicians to electronically file death certificates by certain date; effective date.
HB2595 Criminal procedure; granting courts authority to consider post-traumatic stress disorder as mitigating factor when sentencing veterans; effective date.
HB2599 Unmanned aircraft; prohibiting operation of an unmanned aircraft over a critical infrastructure facility; effective date.
HB2601 Public health; requiring certain health care facilities to include breast density information in a mammography report; codification; effective date.
HB2615 Schools; prohibiting persons from giving money or a thing of value to or soliciting a transaction with a student-athlete; effective date.
HB2619 State government; Trip Optimizer system; requiring Office of Management and Enterprise Services publish schedule of reimbursement rates; effective date.
HB2621 Children; providing exception for placing siblings in the same foster home; effective date.
HB2624 Scrap metal dealers; modifying information required to sell vehicle to scrap metal dealer; modifying transfer of title for certain vehicles; effective date.
HB2627 Professions and occupations; permitting Board of Dentistry to deny license for certain reasons; effective date.
HB2637 Game and fish; creating the Hunting Freedom Act; effective date.
HB2646 Agriculture; emergency drought conditions; exempting agriculture producers from certain resolutions declaring a period of extreme fire danger; effective date.
HB2667 Public health and safety; permitting residential care home to challenge statement of deficiency through informal or alternative dispute resolution; effective date.
HB2703 Public health and safety; vital statistics records; expanding list of individuals who may inspect certain records; requiring State Department of Health to make available certain online index; effective date.
HB2704 State government; creating the State Travel Reimbursement Act; effective date.
HB2710 State government; Oklahoma Personnel Act; modifying duties of Director of Office of Management and Enterprise Services; effective date.
HB2715 Service warranties; modifying information required on certain service contracts; effective date.
HB2742 Public health and safety; modifying and adding certain definitions; utilization of emergency medical personnel; effective date.
HB2747 Law enforcement; creating the Oklahoma Blue Alert Act; directing the Department of Public Safety to develop and implement statewide blue alert system; effective date.
HB2751 Crimes and punishments; modifying penalty for certain prohibited act; effective date.
HB2753 Criminal procedure; Drug Court Act; modifying certain eligibility criteria; Community Sentencing Act; modifying definition; effective date.
HB2757 Child support; interest on past-due child support; permitting income adjustment for child born after the child support order; effective date.
HB2761 Insurance; modifying various sections; effective date.
HB2763 Revenue stabilization; creating the Revenue Stabilization Fund; effective date.
HB2776 Revenue and taxation; Supernumerary Tax Consultant; repealer; effective date.
HB2785 Disability insurance; authorizing cities to participate in the Disability Insurance Program; effective date.
HB2797 Schools; creating the Humanity of the Unborn Child Act; effective date.
HB2801 Prisons and reformatories; modifying qualifications for correctional officers; effective date.
HB2820 Professions and occupations; creating the Music Therapy Practice Act; effective date.
HB2835 Public health and safety; deleting age limitation for certain definitions; effective date.
HB2840 Intoxicating liquors; alcohol-related licenses; limiting applicability of certain limitations; effective date.
HB2844 Civil procedure; judgment; permitting suit if conduct is not within scope of duty; effective date.
HB2902 Public health and safety; authorizing district attorneys to create a Drug Possession Diversion Program; effective date.
HB2922 Bail bonds; clarifying certain investigation requirement; modifying exception to certain prohibited act; effective date.
HB2932 Revenue and taxation; coin-operated music and amusement devices; requiring notices; limiting device seizure; repealer; effective date.
HB2934 Criminal procedure; authorizing the dismissal of prosecutions by district attorneys; effective date.
HB2962 Insurance; requiring coverage for autistic disorders under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB2963 Adoption; modifying provisions of the Oklahoma Adoption Code related to adoption expenses; effective date.
HB2965 Children; child abuse reporting; permitting recovery of damages, costs and fees by specified party; effective date.
HB2996 Insurance; requiring certain insurance coverage to provide certain retention percentage; effective date.
HB2997 State government; authorizing agencies to establish education and training programs; providing an effective date.
HB3000 Roads and bridges; creating the Trail Of Tears Historic Bike Route; requiring signage; requiring shoulder; effective date.
HB3019 Solid waste; providing that certain landfill disposal sites shall be subject to seismic impact zone location restrictions; effective date.
HB3023 State Capitol Building; vending facilities; providing exception for areas of the State Capitol Building; effective date.
HB3024 Civil procedure; creating the Catfishing Liability Act of 2016; creating cause of action; effective date.
HB3025 Schools; modifying certain criteria for eligibility of alternative placement teaching certificate; effective date.
HB3039 Work release programs; creating the Debt to Society Act of 2016; effective date.
HB3071 Insurance; requiring mandated health insurance coverage also apply to the Employees Health Insurance Plan; effective date.
HB3104 Civil procedure; garnishment; requiring judgment creditor to pay garnishee directly for costs; effective date.
HB3105 Professions and occupations; requiring State Board of Examiners of Psychologists to publish list of licensed psychologists on website; effective date.
HB3114 Schools; creating the Empowering Teachers to Lead Act; effective date.
HB3117 Motor vehicles; driver licenses; U.S. passports to serve as proofs of identity; effective date.
HB3119 Criminal procedure; Drug Court Act; authorizing the reduction or waiver of court costs, fees and fines under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB3126 9-1-1 emergency services; creating the 9-1-1 Management Authority Act; effective dates.
HB3130 Counties; increasing dollar amount of purchases that are exempt from certain bidding procedures; effective date.
HB3146 Driving while impaired; creating the Impaired Driving Elimination Act (IDEA); court costs and fees; effective date.
HB3160 Court costs and fees; granting courts authority to waive outstanding fines, costs and fees under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB3164 Labor; creating procedure for seasonal workers; setting procedure for determination and appeal; effective date.
HB3166 Higher education; requiring certain annual reports; effective date.
HB3167 Motor vehicles; maximum speed limits; Department of Transportation; effective date.
HB3168 State Capitol Building; authorizing Capitol Improvement Authority to issue obligations for repair; effective date.
HB3192 Motor vehicles; vehicle registration; military personnel; effective date.
SB1011 Public trusts; modifying voting requirement for certain municipalities. Effective date.
SB1012 Insurance fraud; modifying investigative and prosecutorial authority. Effective date.
SB1017 Pawnbrokers; providing for photographs of certain items and information. Effective date.
SB1018 Commercial driver licenses; authorizing certain license be issued; requirements; allowing rules for implementation. Effective date.
SB1027 Emergency responders; creating Oklahoma Incident Management Team Advisory Committee. Effective date.
SB1029 Cities and towns; termination of delinquent water and sewer services by multiple entities. Effective date.
SB1056 Electronic Toll Collection Act; authorizing certain allowances. Effective date.
SB1057 Firearms and municipality immunity; clarifying language; making allowances; modifying inclusions. Effective date.
SB1070 Mental health; relating to transportation of certain persons; providing certain construction. Effective date.
SB1071 Landlord and tenant; establishing exception to eviction proceedings. Effective date.
SB1083 Roofing Contractor Registration Act; affidavit of exemption; workers’ compensation coverage. Effective date.
SB1091 Medicaid fraud; establishing statute of limitations for certain offense. Effective date.
SB1095 Volunteer immunity; providing exemption from liability for certain acts. Effective date.
SB1112 Public safety communication system; creating the Land Mobile Radio Public Safety Interoperability Cooperative. Effective date.
SB1127 Vulnerable adults; modifying inclusions. Effective date.
SB1142 Game and fish; relating to the Feral Swine Control Act; license and permit requirements. Effective date.
SB1147 Death certificate information; requiring certain information be entered into certain system. Effective date.
SB1148 Physician licensure; relating to Oklahoma Allopathic Medical and Surgical Licensure and Supervision Act; prohibiting certain construction. Effective date.
SB1150 Pharmacy; updating statutory references. Effective date.
SB1159 Weapons; modifying inclusions. Effective date.
SB1163 Optometry; expanding certain definition to include certain acts. Effective date.
SB1164 Schools; requiring State Department of Health to create concussion management section on its website. Effective date.
SB1172 Cities and towns; updating statutes relating to municipal officers. Effective date.
SB1179 Oklahoma Medical Loan Repayment Program; expanding definitions; broadening eligibility. Effective date.
SB1186 Insurance licensure; exempting military members from bar on government employees holding insurance licensure. Effective date.
SB1194 Emergency custody hearings; repealing duplicate section. Effective date.
SB1198 Occupational safety; establishing administrative fees by rule; creating revolving fund. Effective date.
SB1199 Amusement rides; creating revolving fund; naming fund; allowing administrative fines by rule. Effective date.
SB1200 Juvenile detention; modifying certain detention requirements. Effective date.
SB1206 Tourism improvement districts; adding class of improvement districts. Effective date.
SB1209 Commission for Rehabilitation Services; permitting issuance of certain awards at certain functions. Effective date.
SB1211 Child care licensing; requiring use of certain subcommittees; specifying composition of certain Board. Effective date.
SB1214 Verdicts; relating to acquittal on grounds of insanity; sentences; probation; reporting requirements. Effective date.
SB1217 Mental health; modifying certain definitions. Effective date.
SB1218 Department of Corrections; modifying institutions included within definition. Effective date.
SB1249 Protective orders; establishing deadline for determination of final protective order. Effective date.
SB1257 Non-consensual dissemination; making certain dissemination unlawful; providing for exceptions, penalties. Effective date.
SB1269 Education; directing the State Board of Education to develop certain endorsements. Effective date.
SB1270 Scrap Metal Dealers Act; modifying records requirement. Effective date.
SB1282 Revenue and taxation; manufacturer exemptions; exempting for certain materials used in manufacturing. Effective date.
SB1287 Vulnerable adult abuse; prohibiting forwarding of certain findings. Effective date.
SB1327 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act; modifying provisions. Effective date.
SB1329 Building codes; exempting certain church activities from occupancy ratings and codes. Effective date.
SB1335 Motor vehicle insurance; modifying procedures for Compulsory Insurance and Temporary Motorist Liability. Effective date.
SB1353 Bonds; requiring Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education to provide certain information to members of the Legislature. Effective date.
SB1357 Public health; increasing number of members on Food Service Advisory Council; specifying certain recommendations. Effective date.
SB1360 Organ donation; providing certain construction. Effective date.
SB1369 Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth; including definitions; broadening scope of certain report. Effective date.
SB1370 Child abuse; requiring Department of Human Services to notify certain entities under certain circumstances. Effective date.
SB1371 Office of Juvenile Affairs; specifying statutory language; removing provisions relating to quantity and location of detention beds. Effective date.
SB1374 Insurance; modifying Long-Term Care Insurance Act. Effective date.
SB1377 Dental insurance; requiring notification to sell dental services. Effective date.
SB1386 Health insurance; creating the State Innovation Waiver. Effective date.
SB1424 Child care facilities; licensing; requiring certain records search; authorizing requests for certain searches. Effective date.
SB1446 Department of Agriculture; removing certain license application requirements. Effective date.
SB1459 Motor vehicles; authorizing use of used dealer temporary license plates for certain nonprofit organizations. Effective date.
SB1465 Soldiers and sailors; extension of professional license during active service; amending number of days allowed for exemption. Effective date.
SB1488 Insurance; credit for reinsurance; various modifications. Effective date.
SB1491 Domestic violence; modifying definition. Effective date.
SB1493 Liability; authorizing certain donation by municipality; establishing exemption from certain liability. Effective date.
SB1495 Adult guardianship and protective proceedings; requiring notice to certain persons. Effective date.
SB1496 Professions and occupations; engineers; qualifications; continuing education; eligibility for certain licensure. Effective date.
SB1499 Health benefit plans; directing certain report. Effective date.
SB1506 Residential care homes; permitting use of certain panels for certain purposes. Effective date.
SB1507 State property; authorizing use of purchase cards for certain purposes. Effective date.
SB1511 Transfer of motor vehicle; authorizing certain method of transfer of motor vehicle; establishing procedures. Effective date.
SB1515 Oklahoma Medicaid False Claims Act; modifying provisions. Effective date.
SB1582 Income tax credits; limiting amount of credits allowed for investment in depreciable property or net increase in employees. Effective date.
SB1602 Agency director qualifications; modifying qualifications for certain positions. Effective date.
SB1604 Income tax credits; limiting time period during which certain credit is refundable. Effective date
SB1605 Income tax credits; prohibiting certain use of tax credits for certain entities providing child care services. Effective date.
SB1606 Income tax adjustments; requiring certain amounts deducted on federal return be added to Oklahoma income under specified conditions. Effective date.
SB1614 Tax credits; modifies credit for purchase and production of coal after specified date. Effective date.
SB172 State government; authorizing the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to approve an alternative process for certain business operations. Effective date.
SB200 Department of Labor; providing for schedule of administrative fines; modifying provisions relating to elevator inspections and standards. Effective date.
SB481 Insurance; prepaid funeral benefit permits and annual reports; deposits into trust fund. Effective date.
SB615 Licensed Dietitian Act; broadening certain definition; providing penalties for violations. Effective date.
SB791 Liability insurance policies; modifying applicability of certain provisions. Effective date.
SB874 Probate procedure; increasing limitation on valuation of certain property. Effective date.
SB880 Obscene material and child pornography; including law enforcement agency. Effective date.
SB884 Hospitals; including Department of Corrections in exemption. Effective date.
SB896 Political parties; modifying percentage of votes necessary for continued recognition of party. Effective date.
SB900 Motor vehicle excise tax; modifying limitation on exemption for certain veterans. Effective date.
SB902 Guardianship; prohibiting certain persons from being appointed guardian. Effective date.
SB912 Administrative Procedures Act; requiring rules filed to include statement of the gist of the rule. Effective date.
SB941 Restitution; modifying certain restitution requirement. Effective date.
SB944 Rental-Purchase Act; defining term; additional disclosure requirements. Effective date.
SB952 Professional licensing; bond enforcement; modifying allowances and inclusions. Effective date.
SB954 CLEET; amending training requirements. Effective date.
SB959 Firearms; carrying a concealed weapon; clarifying definitions; modifying requirements. Effective date.
SB972 Autocycles; amending inclusions. Effective date.
SB976 Multicounty agent bondsmen; requiring certain actions; changing ratio of deposits for failure to comply. Effective date.
SB983 Health information technology; creating Health Information Technology Advisory Board; establishing certain operating procedures. Effective date.
SB997 Driver licenses; modifying inclusions; authorizing certain renewals for active military. Effective date.