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Measure Short Title
HB1120 Counties and county officers; notification of outstanding warrants; specifying sheriffs are authorized to contract with certain associations to administer contracts; effective date.
HB1124 Sex offenders; zone of safety restrictions; expanding scope to include residence of victims; effective date.
HB1152 Motor vehicles; Temporary Motorist Liability Plan; authorizing the Insurance Commissioner to contract with certain association so serve as Plan Administrator; effective date.
HB1155 State government; salary adjustments; requiring certain reporting of state employee salaries and classifications; effective date.
HB1280 Professions and occupations; providing for powers of the Construction Industries Board; effective date.
HB1298 Professions and occupations; Fire Extinguisher Industry Committee; modifying meeting procedures; effective date.
HB1461 State government; city and county jail inspections; deleting and replacing references; authorizing inspectors to share jail inspections with other offices when deemed appropriate; effective date.
HB1560 Motor vehicles; width, height and length of vehicle and load; modifying allowable height if authorized by special permit; effective date.
HB1826 Property; requiring covenant copies be provided; changing fee; effective date.
HB2082 Elections; election dates; providing for primary and general elections for candidates for the board of education; effective date.
HB2259 Children; child abuse or neglect reporting requirements; specifying teachers be required to report cases of abuse or neglect; time limitation; effective date.
HB2281 Crimes and punishments; modifying criminal penalties and fines; effective date.
HB2286 Pardon and parole; parole eligibility requirements; administrative parole; risk-assessment instruments; effective date.
HB2308 Insurance; authorizing the Insurance Commissioner to relocate certain Insurance Department offices to a certain area; effective date.
HB2515 Public retirement systems; Police Pension and Retirement System; references; administration; effective date.
HB2516 Public retirement systems; Public Employees Retirement System; unused sick leave; employer payments; reference; effective date.
HB2517 Public retirement systems; Law Enforcement Retirement System; modifying provisions related to computation of certain annuity amount; effective date.
HB2518 Professions and occupations; providing that certain material mailed to an individual’s address of record be deemed legally served; effective date.
HB2519 Roads and bridges; designating various memorial bridges and highways; effective date.
HB2522 Employment Security Administration Fund; appropriation; purpose; standards; effective date.
HB2523 Labor; modifying various provisions of Employment Security Act of 1980; clarifying language; effective date.
HB2524 Child care; establishing anonymous system for reporting and investigating complaints or grievances about retaliation against a facility or employee; effective date.
HB2527 Firearms; unlawful carry of firearms; providing exception for county employees; effective date.
HB2539 Motor vehicles; required markings on state vehicles; exemption; Office of Juvenile Affairs; effective date.
HB2552 Foster children; providing rights for children served by the Department of Human Services’ Child Welfare Services; effective date.
HB2578 State government; creating the Aerospace Commerce Economic Services (ACES) Act; effective date.
HB2581 Counties and county officers; increasing minimum size of properties authorized to withdraw from fire protection district; effective date.
HB2592 Elections; expanding scope of certain class to include immediate family members of law enforcement personnel; effective date.
HB2625 Firearms; modifying manner in which retired peace officers may carry firearms; effective date.
HB2629 Counties and county officers; modifying procedure for filing and retaining purchase orders; effective date.
HB2631 Prisons and reformatories; modifying powers and duties of the Director of the Department of Corrections; removing qualifications for wardens; allowing Director to enter into contracts with media or film production companies; effective date.
HB2632 Firearms; expanding right to use deadly force at place of worship; effective date.
HB2634 Public safety; Commissioner of Public Safety; allowing employee to return to previous position upon completion of duties as Commissioner; effective date.
HB2635 Public safety; Motor Vehicle Reports; effective date.
HB2650 Motor vehicles; maintenance and construction zones; merge now traffic-control devices standards; effective date.
HB2651 Motor vehicles; commercial driver license training; human trafficking; effective date.
HB2663 Motor vehicles; special license plate; Former Oklahoma Legislator License Plate; effective date.
HB2692 Child care; allowing director to qualify as a master teacher; providing probationary period for master teacher to fulfill educational qualifications; effective date.
HB2702 Crimes and punishments; providing penalty for dumping furniture or items of certain weight; effective date.
HB2716 Revenue and taxation; Oklahoma Pet Overpopulation Fund; income tax return checkoff; effective date.
HB2722 Workers’ Compensation; modifying definition; effective date.
HB2759 Dentistry; modifying provisions related to the State Dental Act; effective date.
HB2772 Professions and occupations; Cosmetology and Barbering Act; modifying powers and duties of the Board; modifying reciprocity licenses; removing fee for certain license; effective date.
HB2775 Oil and gas; payment of proceeds from oil and gas production; effective date.
HB2795 Controlled dangerous substances; directing medical facility owners that prescribe certain drugs on a monthly basis to register with the State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control; effective date.
HB2796 Controlled dangerous substances; requiring manufacturers and distributers to make certain data available for review to the Director of the State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control; effective date.
HB2798 Public health and safety; creating the Opioid Overdose Fatality Review Board; effective date.
HB2825 Poor persons; directing Department of Human Services to pursue service providers for training program referrals; effective date.
HB2826 Poor persons; directing Department of Human Services to explore technological enhancements for work activities and training subject to availability of funds; effective date.
HB2827 Initiative and referendum; ballot titles; modifying procedures for ballot titles of certain referendums and petitions; effective date.
HB2843 Public health; relating to the tumor registry; making the reporting of certain data and information relating to tumor patients mandatory; effective date.
HB2860 Schools; requiring certain financial data or a link to such data to be posted on certain website; requiring superintendent compensation package to be included on certain website; effective date.
HB2866 Department of Human Services; child support collections; prohibiting creation of new fees or costs; requiring legislative approval; effective date.
HB2881 Drug courts; removing time limitation for reviewing offenders for drug court; investigations; effective date.
HB2882 Law enforcement training; authorizing certain schools and institutions of education to offer courses and training for law enforcement certification upon approval of CLEET; codification; effective date.
HB2885 Agriculture; authorizing the State Veterinarian to allow imports of cervidae from a Canadian province with Chronic Wasting Disease; approval; effective date.
HB2889 Fingerprinting fees; clarifying amount sheriffs may charge for fingerprinting handgun license applicants; effective date.
HB2911 Apprenticeship programs; Individual Career and Academic Plan; amending definition; effective date.
HB2917 Game and fish; modifying definition; effective date.
HB2921 Roads and bridges; surplus land; requiring Transportation Commission to make certain waiver requests annually; effective date.
HB2932 State Medicaid program; directing Health Care Authority to seek certain waiver authority; criteria; exemptions; effective date.
HB2933 Professions and occupations; providing for specific waiver of fees for licensure or certification for certain persons; effective date.
HB2935 Professions and occupations; Electrical License Act; providing exemption; limiting supervisory authority to certain electricians; effective date.
HB2941 Insurance; requiring title insurers complete certain documents; requiring Insurance Department to maintain certain contact information; effective date.
HB2950 Scrap metal; Oklahoma Scrap Metal Dealers Act; modifying reporting methods; making certain action unlawful; effective date.
HB2952 Game and fish; management of depredating animals by use of aircraft; definition of aircraft; effective date.
HB2959 Electric power; ten-year assessment; repealer; effective date.
HB2987 Physician Manpower Training Commission; expanding eligibility of program to physician assistants; effective date.
HB2993 Workers’ Compensation; modifying sources and uses for the Self-insurance Guaranty Fund; effective date.
HB2997 Definitions and general provisions; designating the red-tailed hawk as the state raptor; effective date.
HB3037 Public health and safety; permitting epinephrine auto-injector to be prescribed to authorized individual; effective date.
HB3064 Vulnerable adults; requiring Office of the Attorney General to promulgate rules to establish and maintain certain registry; effective date.
HB3070 Professions and occupations; Oklahoma Pawnshop Act; modifying penalties; effective date.
HB3083 Counties and county officers; authorizing county commissioners to trade-in equipment; effective date.
HB3085 Counties and county officers; authorizing counties to adopt a performance-based adjustment program for county officers; codification; effective date.
HB3086 Office of Juvenile Affairs; designating certain employees hired after specified date as unclassified; effective date.
HB3089 Roads, bridges and ferries; acquisition of land by the Turnpike Authority; specifying the non-transfer of groundwater rights; effective date.
HB3096 Public health and safety; authorizing the county board of health to create a city-county board of health after a certain date; effective date.
HB3115 Optometry; requiring applicants to submit to national criminal history check; effective date.
HB3117 Boards of education; providing appeal process for board member in violation of the continuing education requirements; effective date.
HB3129 Counties and county officers; expanding certain county operation procedure requirements to road and bridge construction services; effective date.
HB3131 Motor vehicles; state vehicles; modifying requirements for state vehicles; effective date.
HB3151 Labor; Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act; providing exemption to liability for certain circumstances; effective date.
HB3222 Schools; repealing rewards program for monetary prizes based on obsolete academic performance data measures; effective date.
HB3225 Revenue and taxation; authorizing Tax Commission to make certain tax credit data accessible; content of website; effective date.
HB3278 Motor vehicles; motor license agents; qualification; effective date.
HB3281 Forcible entry and detainer; permitting subsequent action if the court only renders judgment for possession; effective date.
HB3282 Landlord and tenant; authorizing landlords to require tenants to provide documentation of disability when requesting service animal or assistance animal accommodations; effective date.
HB3284 Fees; modifying certain fee remittance condition; effective date.
HB3289 Long-term care; creating the Long-term Care Services and Supports Advisory Committee; membership; election of chairperson; effective date.
HB3290 Motor vehicles; laned roadways; providing exceptions on limitations to left-lane driving; effective date.
HB3300 Department of Human Services; creating the Breanne Bell Act; requiring signature of form notifying care staff of certain criminal penalties; effective date.
HB3309 Schools; changing name of residency program; directing administration of induction program as funds are available; effective date.
HB3318 Counties and county commissioners; requiring certain additional notice and bid solicitation for sale of certain county property under certain circumstances; effective date.
HB3319 Controlled hunts; modifying controlled hunt application fee; effective date.
HB3330 Sex offenders; modifying residency restriction to include family child care home; effective date.
HB3336 Physical therapy; creating the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact; permits; multistate compact license; effective date.
HB3347 Budgets; public hearing on municipal proposed budget; requiring to be published on municipality’s website; effective date.
HB3353 Firearms; authorizing handgun licensees and certain military personnel to carry handgun while scouting; effective date.
HB3370 Crimes and punishments; trespassing on certain property; increasing certain monetary penalties; effective date.
HB3373 Motor vehicles; designating various special license plates; effective date.
HB3374 Motor vehicles; license plates; private vendor marketing and sales; codification; effective date.
HB3376 State government; Office of Management and Enterprise Services; exempting Commissioners of the Land Office from requirements of the Fleet Management Division; effective date.
HB3388 Railroads; duties to construct and maintain railroad crossings; notification process; effective date.
HB3393 Prisons and reformatories; directing penal institutions, detention centers and jails to use least restrictive restraints on pregnant inmates; codification; effective date.
HB3405 Water; modifying definitions relating to groundwater; effective date.
HB3417 Redcedar trees; replacing Eastern Red Cedar Registry Board Act with Eastern Redcedar Management Act; repealer; effective date.
HB3430 Corporation Commission; consolidating multiple statutes; enacting the Petroleum Storage Tank Consolidation Act; effective date.
HB3470 Counties and county officers; directing deposit of funds from certain contracts into Sheriff’s Service Fee Account; effective date.
HB3472 Counties and county officers; repealing inspection of county buildings; effective date.
HB3473 Definitions and general provisions; designating the official inspirational song for the State of Oklahoma; effective date.
HB3536 Energy conservation; modifying procedures for energy conservation measures and efficiencies in public facilities; effective date.
HB3538 Oklahoma Education Lottery Act; authorizing use of web application to submit lottery-sponsored and second-chance promotions; effective date.
HB3581 Public health and safety; Office of Accountability Systems of the State Department of Health; modifying duties of the Office; effective date.
HB3584 Public health; requiring at least two members to possess certain experience and education; effective date.
HB3592 Higher education; requiring certain funds to be returned to the Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program if a student withdraws from certain class prior to certain period; effective date.
SB1005 Crime and punishment; rights of human trafficking victims; protective custody; emergency custody; forcible sodomy, rape, lewd or indecent proposals definitions and inclusions. Effective date.
SB1021 Indigent defense; prohibiting court from considering certain factor for eligibility determination of indigent defender. Effective date.
SB1023 Law enforcement training; allowing for certain noncommissioned persons to attend training. Effective date.
SB1042 Cities and towns; modifying term relating to municipal finance. Effective date.
SB1044 Counties and county officers; establishing procedures for purchase of certain construction services. Effective date.
SB1050 Insurance agents; amending definition of insurance agent; repealing Oklahoma Life, Accident and Health Brokers Act. Effective date.
SB1052 Professions and occupations; expanding certain exemptions; providing for licensure by endorsement of certain professionals. Effective date.
SB1053 Veterans; authorizing Department of Veterans Affairs to obtain certain certification. Effective date.
SB1059 Ad valorem tax; clarifying language, procedures and terminology; conforming language to constitutional provision. Effective date.
SB1061 Alarm and locksmiths; prohibiting automatic renewal of certain contracts; customer rights. Effective date.
SB1066 Juvenile delinquency; authorizing extension of certain deferral. Effective date.
SB1078 Controlled dangerous substances; adding fentanyl to list subject to trafficking penalties. Effective date.
SB1091 Driving under the influence; modifying certain discretion. Effective date.
SB1101 Insurance; creating the Insurance Business Transfer Act. Effective date.
SB1103 Health insurance; requiring coverage of certain mammography. Effective date.
SB1114 Oversize loads; designating certain routes as high-wide corridors. Effective date.
SB1116 Governmental Tort Claims Act; modifying definition. Effective date.
SB1130 Elections; modifying terms and salaries of secretaries of county election boards. Effective date.
SB1134 Oklahoma Lottery Commision; authorized certain purchases. Effective date.
SB1135 Guardianship; requiring background check of certain persons. Effective date.
SB1140 Children; prohibiting requirement for private agencies to participate in certain placements; prohibiting certain actions based on religious or moral convictions. Effective date.
SB1141 Post-Military Service Occupation, Education and Credentialing Act; providing violation. Effective date.
SB1142 Service warranties; Service Warranty Act; financial statements; audited or verified under oath; requiring financial statements be filed by certain associations. Effective date.
SB1147 Water and water rights; modifying jurisdiction of Department of Environmental Quality; expanding Department jurisdiction. Effective date.
SB1151 Consumer loans; electronic payments; authorizing convenience fee; maximum charge amount. Effective date.
SB1156 Travel insurance; creating the Travel Insurance Act; establishing procedures. Effective date.
SB1166 Income tax; reauthorizing certain donation from income tax refund. Effective date.
SB1180 Game and fish; waterfowl hunting stamps; providing waterfowl license fee; authorization of waterfowl stamps. Effective date.
SB1181 Oklahoma Limitation of Liability for Farming and Ranching Land Act; removing per acre charge limitation. Effective date.
SB1183 State Board of Agriculture; authorizing issuance of certificates of free sale. Effective date.
SB1186 Eastern Redcedar Management Act; dissolving board; requiring Department to create directory. Effective date.
SB1228 Public Health and Safety; rights of residents of hospice facilities; requiring facility to action upon request. Effective date.
SB1261 State capitol and capitol buildings; repealing certain provisions related to Capitol Complex Centennial Commission and Centennial County Courthouses. Effective date.
SB1267 Medicaid provider eligibility; creating Defunding Fetal-Body-Parts Trafficking Act. Effective date.
SB1273 Self-Service Storage Facility Lien Act; modifying procedures; limiting liability and value of damaged property. Effective date.
SB1294 Water and water rights; modifying procedures related to maximum annual yield. Effective date.
SB1296 Insurance; modifying investment of certain prepaid funeral service funds. Effective date.
SB1303 Oklahoma Education Lottery Act; authorizing Commission to modify certain methods of payment for tickets. Effective date.
SB1367 Prescription drug offenses; prohibiting prosecutions under certain circumstances. Effective date.
SB1383 Oklahoma Chiropractic Act; modifying and updating various provisions. Effective date.
SB1388 Telecommunications; creating the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act; establishing procedures. Effective date.
SB1403 Elections; expanding language relating to certain election requirements. Effective date.
SB1439 Motor license agents; modifying method of selecting applicants. Effective date.
SB1446 Regulation of opioid drugs; providing limitations on quantities of certain prescriptions. Effective date.
SB1485 Insurance; Omnibus. Effective date.
SB1489 Bail bondsmen; modifying certain eligibility to serve as bondsmen. Effective date.
SB1490 Memorial highway designations; designating the Robert B. Robison Memorial Highway. Effective date.
SB1492 Labor; boiler inspections; setting minimum inspection term for hot water heaters. Effective date.
SB1493 Supervised lenders; sale of goods by lender; conditions of sales. Effective date.
SB1503 Oklahoma Pleading Code; amended and supplemental pleadings; increasing time period permissible for certain response. Effective date.
SB1516 Lay caregivers; directing State Board of Health to request verification of compliance with certain statutes. Effective date.
SB1517 Trauma-informed care; creating the Task Force on Trauma-Informed Care. Effective date.
SB1526 Chiropractic license; increasing certain fee. Effective date.
SB1529 Elevator Safety Act; license and elevator inspections; new nonresidential elevator inspections; providing for third party inspections of private residential elevators. Effective date.
SB1564 State government; specifying authority to enter into agreements regarding federal housing programs. Effective date.
SB1566 Oklahoma historical sites; authorizing development of certain programs and materials; authorizing use of certain funding. Effective date.
SB1581 State employee benefits; shared leave; allowing shared leave from other state entities; creating at Leave of Last Resort Bank. Effective date.
SB1583 Public finance; modifying provisions relating to the Revenue Stabilization Fund. Effective date.
SB1585 Income tax credits; providing for tax credits relating to vehicle manufacturing; providing limitations and procedures. Effective date.
SB1591 Medicaid provider rates; providing for certain supplemental reimbursement; providing procedures. Effective date.
SB185 Prisons and reformatories; creating the Parole of Aging Prisoners Act. Effective date.
SB224 Juveniles; requiring confidentiality of certain records; increasing age for certain offender status. Effective date.
SB340 Fines and costs; allowing certain discretion for repayment. Effective date.
SB350 Political parties; requirements to retain party recognition. Effective date.
SB527 Public retirement systems; modifying definitions; retirement benefit computations; benefits. Effective dates.
SB649 Crime and punishment; felony offenses; clarifying language; modifying offenses. Effective date.
SB650 Criminal procedure; qualifications for certain expungement categories. Effective date.
SB689 Criminal procedure; judgments and execution of sentences; sentencing powers of the court. Effective date.
SB786 Burglary; modifying elements of offense; authorizing courts to order payment of restitution; maximum sentences. Effective date.
SB793 Uniform Controlled Danagerous Substances; modifying penalties; sentencing reform. Effective date.
SB830 Department of Human Services; duties and powers of the director; criteria for background check; rules and policies. Effective date.
SB883 Bank privilege tax; modifying time period during which certain credit may be claimed. Effective date.
SB892 Special license plates; creating various special license plates. Effective date.
SB897 Quality jobs; modifying authority of Incentive Approval Committee to approve applicants; repealing Saving Quality Jobs Act. Effective date.
SB904 Criminal procedure; removing requirements for participation in community sentencing. Effective date.
SB907 Child care facilities; amending Oklahoma Child Care Facilities Licensing Act; adding certain exemption. Effective date.
SB908 Department of Corrections; authorizing certain persons to retain sidearms upon retirement. Effective date.
SB922 Soldiers and sailors; establishing the Oklahoma Women Veterans Program. Effective date.
SB923 Small Employer Quality Jobs Incentive Act; modifying requirements for incentive payments. Effective date.
SB925 State government; cost analysis reports; protection of third-party revenues; modifying actions to be taken prior to privatization. Effective date.
SB931 Soldiers and sailors; authorizing Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs to accept certain gifts. Effective date.
SB932 Veterans and military; authorizing administrative leave for certain employees for volunteer service; criteria for leave. Effective date.
SB937 Anti-Drug Diversion Act; authorizing tribal access to prescription-monitoring-program. Effective date.
SB939 Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act; modifying included substances. Effective date.
SB940 Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act; adding certain controlled substances as Schedule I. Effective date.
SB943 Income tax refund donations; authorizing donation to Oklahoma AIDS Care Revolving Fund; creating revolving fund. Effective date.
SB956 Pharmacy; modifying various provisions of Oklahoma Pharmacy Act. Effective date.
SB972 Oklahoma Health Care Authority Act; directing Authority to examine feasibility of diabetes self-management training program. Effective date.
SB979 Child support; modifying requirements for medical support orders. Effective date.
SB980 Teachers; providing criteria for issuance of certain teaching certificates; providing application process; providing for promulgation of rules. Effective date.
SB993 Vulnerable adults; modifying requirements for joint investigations. Effective date.
SB997 Public health and safety; amending definition relating to the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act. Effective date.