Updated 9/13/2018.

State Questions are filed with the Secretary of State’s office; the hyperlinks will take you to legislative language and related documentation.

Five State Questions are on the November ballot:

SQ 793 – would allow eye doctors to practice in retail establishments like Walmart.

SQ 794 – would amend the Oklahoma Constitution, which guarantees certain rights for crime victims in both adult and juvenile proceedings. Victims’ rights would be protected in a manner equal to the rights of the defendant.

SQ 798 – candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor from the same party would run together on a single ticket and voters will case one vote for their preferred ticket, starting in 2026.

SQ 800 – would use a portion of gross production taxes to supplement the state budget. The fund would be called the “Oklahoma Vision Fund.”

SQ 801 – would allow school districts to use property taxes for school operations.